Thursday, April 8, 2010

yarn diet and a yarn contest


i've gone a bit wild over the last few days ordering yarn. credit is truly a curse i tell ya. but the sales i found last week were just so unbelievable i couldn't pass them up.

my first order was from Julia's Yarn. i stumbled across this little gem of a yarn store while perusing the forums on Ravelry and i am in LOVE with their colors. Julia's is a small, family owned yarn company that really doesn't get great reviews on Ravelry although i can't imagine why. I ordered their Vinca sock yarn (75%superwash wool/25% nylon) and their Bamboo Spica (100% Bamboo) from their end of march sale, and i've gotta say that the Bamboo is probably the softest Bamboo yarn i've ever felt. I've just started swatching with the Vinca sock yarn and so far i don't find it to be splitty at all, which was the number one complaint i read on Ravelry. I have yet to knit with the Bamboo, but i've decided to knit up a swatch of each of my new yarns and post a little review here on my blog sometime this weekend.

for my next order i headed on over to Herrschners internet store after being tipped off by a fellow Raveler about their sale on Rowan Milk Cotton. i have been wanting to try a milk fibre blend yarn for quite some time now, and Herrschners just so happened to have them on sale last week for only $4.79 a ball!! the MSRP of this yarn is a whopping $12.50 a ball so of course i couldn't resist. they also had Gedifra Korella (a linen/acrylic blend yarn) on sale for only $2.79, which is over $4 off the suggested MSRP. i've also never knit with a linen blend yarn so i'm really excited to see how these two yarns knit up. and it's perfect timing too because summer is fast approaching and i'll be damned if i was going to spend all summer knitting with wool xD

the next sale i hit this week was at Pierrot Yarns, which is a Japan based yarn company that recently has established a website in English. to promote their new Yarn Contest (details below) they slashed the price of their best selling yarn, Soft Merino. the DK weight went for about $2.35 a ball and the Fingering weight only $2.10 a ball! but i took a good look around their store and it amazed me how inexpensive their yarns are. I've read some reviews on Rav in the Pierrot yarns group and the people that have used their yarns are in love with them. they say the quality is unsurpased. i think this might be the yarn i'm most excited about getting, even though it is wool, because from what i've heard it is a dream to work with and the colors are to dye for. Pierrot may end up becoming my new favorite yarn company xD

and lastly, i headed over to Wolles Yarn Creations on Etsy for her Easter sale. Wolle is a Ravelry member and a brilliant indy dyer who specializes in 100% cotton yarns with slow, subtle color changes. if you're on Ravelry you can click this link to see some of the projects she has made with this gorgeous yarn. and if you're interested, she still has a few colors on sale for 20% off, i'd hurry and snatch them up though because yarns this gorgeous don't stay on sale for very long.

so as you all can see i've spent WAY too much money on yarn this week and am therefore imposing a strict yarn diet for the next few months. although i've probably ordered enough yarn to last me though the next few years (yeah right, who am i kidding)

and i'm really excited about the Pierrot Yarns Yarn contest. this is a really cool contest that allows you to enter anything you've knit, crocheted or woven from Pierrot Yarns. you don't have to submit an original pattern, just as long as you use their yarns you can enter. and the coolest part is that all eligible entrants receive a $5.50 shopping credit at Pierrot Yarns, so everyone's a winner! i've just visited their site and the Soft Merino sale is still going on so if you're interested in the contest go check out their site right now because i don't know how long this sale is going to last.

well that's all for today folks, i'm going to be blogging my reviews of all the yarns i ordered when i receive them so be on the lookout for some great yarn reviews in the coming weeks. and i'm also putting the finishing touches on a few previously unreleased patterns that i'll be offereing for sale on my blog and on Ravelry so be sure to check back for updates.

happy shopping ^.^



  1. Hey, I love that you got the etsy window in to your blog! :) Nice job on the huge yarn order and I can not wait to hear what you think. I'm totally with you on the Malabrigo yarn.... i'm so totally in awe of it!

  2. hehe yeah i finally figured out the Etsy mini bloggy thingy xD

    it took me a little while though, this blog has been a work in progress for over a year now but i think i finally got it looking the way i want.