Friday, April 16, 2010


i've taken a little break from my WIP busting to work on a few other quick and painless projects with some of my new yarns. i recieved a shipment from Pierrot Yarns today, and wasted no time working with the Zakka Acrylic yarn i ordered.

this little beauty is what the Japanese call a "tawashi" which, as i'm sure you can guess by the word "wash" in the name, is like a little dish scrubby. but of course the Japanese are not content with the same plain old circular scrubbies we americans use, they have to do oragami with yarn and create these wonderfully interesting, yet simple patterns for their tawashi.

i must say that i love love LOVE Pierrot Yarns. the pattern for this tawashi and literally hundreds of other free patterns can be found on their website; everything from shawls to sweaters to home projects which they call "Zakka." and although right now most of their patterns are in Japanese, they're currently working on translating some of them into English. last i checked they had 8 English patterns up and they say they will be adding a few more each month.

this was my first time attempting a Japanese pattern, but i have to say it was really easy. Japanese patterns are always charted out, whether they be knitting or crochet, so it's easy for non Japanese speaking crafters to follow them. i'm not sure yet but i like the colors so much i'm thinking of entering this lil guy into the Pierrot Yarns contest. the deadline is only 5 weeks away aned there were other things i wanted to enter but i'm not sure i'll have the time to get them done. you're allowed up to 3 entries, so if i can't get my other projects done in time i'll definItely enter the tawashi.

and speaking of which, the other quick project i've been working on for the Pierrot contest is a Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher. this is a really well written pattern that is meant to be customized to your exact measurements. i can tell Kelly really put a lot of time and effort into this pattern and i'm so impressed with how simple it is to knit, despite how complex it looks.

{© Kelly Maher}

i'm using Pierrot Cotton Neat which is a super soft 100% cotton yarn. i wasn't sure if i was going to have enough to complete the project, since i'm making it a bit bigger than the original version, so i didn't save my swatch or block it. i'll do a full review of the yarn once i've washed and blocked my FO.

{my Ribbed Lace Bolero progress so far}

i just started this 3 days ago and i'm already about 75% done so it will probably get done this weekend.

and speaking of weekends, i hope everyone has a great one, i'm off to get some serious work done on this bolero because the weather has been so lovely lately i can't wait to wear it!



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  1. Aw, you are certainly right about the tawashi! It's adorable; I'm going to make one... or more... probably... because I have too much little scraps of yarn hanging about that that would be perfect for! Also, the bolero looks like it's coming along nicely. I like patterns that are customizable :)