Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new years resolutions...not forgotten

{french graffiti; who new the word 'Punk' was universal?}

good afternoon everyone ^^/

at the beginning of this year i made a vow not to start any new projects until i finish off my extensive collection of WIP's. now i know i've strayed a little bit from this vow, mainly for the purposes of new designs, but i'm still determined to work exclusively on my WIP's from here on out. I have at least 3 designs in the works that i desperately need to finish up so i've got no excuse to go starting new designs.

i recently finished this pair of socks that i cast on in December of last year:

the design is Sugar Maple by Melissa Morgan-Oakes from the book "2-at-a-time Socks" and i've just gotta say that i LOVE Melissa for thinking up this technique and publishing a book about it. i think i'm the queen of second sock syndrom because before i found this technique i just couldn't seem to finish a pair of socks ever. these yellow beauties are the very first pair of socks i've ever complete for myself and i'm really happy with them. i've been wearing them like non-stop since they came off my needles xD

and on another note (spring related i might add) i was thinking the other day that i really don't do enough posts about me personally. it's mostly my designs or giveaways or tips, but not a whole lot about me and i'm sure some of you are wondering "who is Carla Cappi?" well i'm gonna tell ya!

i'm a 26 year old history student with a passion for life, languages, music and color. i'm what most people would call a jack of all trades and a master of none, as throughout my life i've played 5 different instruments including piano and guitar, written and recorded my own songs which can be found on my myspace music page, studied ballet for 12 years, been in numerous musical theatre performances, sang in numerous choirs and ofc, my latest passion - knitting and crochet design.

i also happen to be married to a Frenchman who still currently resides in France :<

{this is me and my husband Christophe when i went to visit him in France last Spring}

for those of you who don't know our story, we met online in an Anime (japanese animation) forum. 2 years ago i was searching for a japanese animated movie my brother and I used to watch as kids that was really hard to find, so i went on an online Anime forum in search of it and instead i found him :) (i did eventually find the movie too, lol.) it's funny how life turns out because at the time i was in a relationship and wasn't even looking for anyone. but he answered one of my posts and one day we just started talking in the forums chat room and discovered we had a lot in common.

my relationship at the time was really strained and he was there for me through the rough ending and hard breakup, but all the while very respectful of what i was going through. so we talked everyday for like 2 months straight before we started "dating" and finally in October of '08 i flew to Nice, France to meet him for the first time. he proposed to me on that trip and when he came to visit a few months later we got married. he's truly the most wonderful man i've ever met, he's funny and smart and incredibly kind-hearted. and for the last year and a half we've been continent hoping back and forth from France to the US to visit each other.

the funny thing is that i first started trying to learn to speak French when i was 10 years old. my dad had some language learning tapes i used to study, and then i studied French all throughout highschool and college. i've always had dreams of living in France and so we decided that when i finally finish my degree we'll be moving there permanently. right now we're trying to save up a bit of money for a green card application so that Chris can come to the US while i'm still in school.

and i'll leave you today with a little picture montage of my future home; Nice France in the springtime:

(i apologize for the fuzzy pictures, i don't know why they came out so fuzzy when i uploaded them, i'll have to try to figure out what i'm doing wrong)

{the Cote d'Azur, Nice France. this was the view from one of the hotels we stayed in. it's very similar to the view from Chris' apartment}

{the sink from the tiniest bathroom in Nice, seriously this sink couldn't be more than a foot wide}

{the Chateau de Crémat, a local castle turned winery where we did some wine tasting}

{the view from the Chateau de Cremat}

ta ta for now


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  1. What a lovely story! You and Your Chris are adorable together!