Friday, January 29, 2010

we have a winner! (and another free giveaway!)

hello again everyone ^^/

it's been a busy week for me and i've got some really exciting news, but i'll talk more about that in a sec. first i'm happy to announce that Cary from Serenity Farms has won my first ever free pattern giveaway!!

i've sent her a free copy of the pattern for my newest design knock off just for following my blog and leaving me a comment. it's just that easy ^^ i've decided to do a free pattern giveaway everytime i release a new pattern, and there could be more giveaways of a different kind in the future because....


i'm planning on opening up my very own Etsy shop soon to sell my patterns and handknit items! right now i'm in the process of finishing up a few designs and building up a good stock of items knit from my patterns and sometime very soon they will be on Etsy for purchase. soon you'll be able to own your very own lucky stars just like the one below:

it's only in the planning stages at this point, but i may also be collaborating with a very good friend of mine who paints and makes lovely jewelry. be sure to check back with the blog in the following weeks to find out more details on the shop, and to watch out for possible random free giveaways...hehe

you may have also noticed some changes to my blog layout recently. my darling husband helped me out a lot with my new header (i'm not very tech savvy, but i'm slowly catching up with the times :p) some other new things you might see are:

  • a labels section to make my blog more easily searchable
  • a country counter so everyone can see how many ppl from each country around the world visits
  • a link to my Ravelry designer page

basically i've been having a great time pimping out my blog xD

and last but not least, i'd like to direct everyone over to Jenny's blog on knitting where you can win a FREE skein of this luscious yarn seen below:

this lovely Swedish yarn is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon and comes in a 100 gram skein with a generous 440 meters ( thats 481 yards for us americans :p)

i don't know Jenny personally, but she's a good friend of my friend Sarah over at The Student Knitter, and any friend of Sarah's is a friend of mine, hehe. why not head over to Jenny's blog and show some support for her 100th post by entering her giveaway :)

and on that note it's time for this little vache to go and finish the planning of the new Etsy shop. have a great weekend everyone

~teh vache

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  1. hehe Thanks for featuring Jenny's blog! I'm sure she'll be super appreciative!

    Your new blog layout looks super good! And I totally want a country counter! Where did you get that one??

    Best of luck with the etsy store! I've been pondering one myself since the fall was around and I was pumping out hats like there was no tomorrow. Then they all found homes with friends and family instead of becoming stock. Maybe we could talk a bit about me becoming a contributing knitter? hehe

    Great job all the way around! My one comment: do you think people who don't speak french will be wondering why your comment window says "Talk to the Cow"? hehehe!