Sunday, January 17, 2010

new years resolutions...

a hoy hoy everyone (or should i say all 4 of my followers ^-^)

so it's finally 2010 huh? and my poor blog has been lying dormant for the last 3 months or so while i've been on hiatus from designing and actually haven't been doing much knitting at all. with the holidays and my husband coming over from France i found it hard to focus on my knitting. and the struggle isn't quite over yet because we've still got the task of securing him a visa or greencard so he can stay in this country. bleh...

but now that the holidays are over i've started knitting again, which brings me to my new years resolution. everyone always makes these really broad and vague resolutions like "losing weight" or "spending more time with family" etc, but i remember reading somewhere that making your goals as specific as possible gives you a better chance of acheiving them so i decided to make mine very specific indeed. my resolution is to either complete or frog every single WIP i have, and while to some of you that may not sound like a very daunting task, i have about 5 years worth of projects hastily cast on in an excited frenzy and then cast aside. for me that amounts to at least 15 WIP's that i can think of off the top of my head, and it's probably closer to 20 or 25.

but i have vowed not to start a single new project in the mean time, nor buy any new yarn until i at least finish or frog all of my current WIP's.

now here's where the design blog comes in....

luckily, of those WIP's at least 3 or 4 of them are original designs, most notable my sycamore parasol and Rowena sleeves. So as soon as i finish up a scarf and pair of socks i started at the end of december and just want to be done with, i'll probably be starting on the Rowena sleeves so i can finally have a design worthy of sale on Ravelry. in the mean time though, i'm going to be finally publishing knock off (a knit paper-chain necklace creation inspired by Louis Vuitton.) but i'm debating with myself whether or not to publish it for free or to charge a very small amount for it (most likely 50 cents) just because it's such an original design and it pains me to just give it away like a common whore. if any of my readers have any thoughts on the matter please do let me know in my comments section below, i always appreciate outside input.

well i'll leave you all with a picture of my latest FO "echarpe à plis"

i bought this little kit for this scarf the last time i was in France to visit my husband
and started it about 3 months ago. so this is officially the first WIP i've finished in accordance with my new years resolution. so far, not a bad start to the year. let's hope i can stay motivated and finally kick a really bad habit, not finishing what i start.

toodles for now ^^/

~teh vache

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  1. I would totally pay $1 for a cool knitted necklace design! I think giving it away doesn't make you a whore, though. lol I think it makes you generous! But on the other hand I think charging a small amount even can add perceived value to your design and your time. I know *I* would pay for it. :)

    Hey! It's great to hear from you again!! I missed ya! :D Best of luck with the whole visa thing. I'd give you the name of my immigration lawyer that I used in Cali but I think he stole 2 green cards from me (intercepting them before they got to me by having them delivered to his business office). So yeah... you may not want to use him. lol

    Can't wait to see your designs! I totally volunteer to knit some of your UFO's for you if you mail them to me. hehe I totally don't get to knit with really cool yarn because I can't afford it, so I'll just knit projects for you instead and then mail them back to you!

    I still have that ball of Palette you gave me waiting for my fingerless mittens pattern! :)