Sunday, June 26, 2011

divorce and new beginnings

believe it or not, i didn't actually forget i have a blog xD

in July of last year my marriage came to an end and since then i've been on a long, emotional, but ultimately rewarding journey to pick up the pieces of my life.

it's funny how sometimes in life we lose the ability to see things for what they really are. when Christophe told me he was leaving me i really didn't understand why. i knew we had our problems, but i think the stress of a long distance marriage consumed me so much that i couldn't see how unhappy we both were. i fell apart for a few months, trying to figure out some way to fix things, some way to make things better between us until i came to a point where i realized i didn't WANT to fix them. no matter how much it hurt to be left, i came to realize that i'm the one who always wanted to leave. and at the same time, i realized that i have never fully lived my life.

getting divorced i think forces one to confront themselves. at so
me point i had to look at my own life, and how i'd been living it, and take responsibility for the hand i had in the demise of my marriage, and the hand i've had in most of the bad things that have happened in my life that i always just chalked up to "bad luck." in all honesty, my divorce is the best thing that ever happened to me. it's put my life in perspective for me, probably for the first time ever.

it's an odd place to be in, to be 27 years old and realize you never truly learned how to live life on your own. to realize you've just been depending on others, and blaming everyone and everything else when things go wrong. i guess there's nothing like a divorce to make one realize it's time to grow up.

so here i am, a year later, and i've never been happier in my life. obviously i'm still working through a lot of emotions, even though i've found closure it's still a lot to deal with. but for the first time in my life i truly feel like i can deal with anything, i feel like i'm in control of my own destiny, and thats a great feeling.

but enough of my personal life journey for today, this is a knitting/crochet/spinning blog after all and although i have forsaken my blog this past year, i've still been spinning up a storm. this is some sinfully soft and lofty BFL that i bought from Color Craze Fiber on Etsy. i spun it up and andean plied it to make really cool color transitions.

{close up shot so you can really see the colors}

i'm using it to create a new design, Doomsday Mitts (yes i'm still designing here and there :P)
they are so named because i started the design on the day of the supposed apocolypse last month. i'm sure everyone remembers that little debaucle xD

the design is actually done, i'm just finishing up the ribbing on both mitts and the mitts themselves will be done too ^.^

and now for your daily dose of fiber deliciousness:

{100% Merino Batt: Into the Sunset}

i've just discovered a new favorite indie dyer on Etsy:
Girl Meets Spindle. I recently ordered the Batt pictured above and the cotton roving below (yes i said COTTON ROVING!!!) i live in California so spinning with wool isn't always too appealing in the summer. sadly not very many indie dyers chose to die cotton, so i was just THRILLED to find Girl Meets Spindle
{100% Cotton Roving: Nebula}

Rachel from Girl Meets Spindle probably has the m
ost beautiful, bright color combinations i've seen do date, and not to mention some of the most crave-worthy fibers like Royal Baby Alpaca and Cashmire blend, or her Camel and Tussah silk blend. I haven't had the pleasure of trying out any of those luxury blends yet myself, but the merino and cotton i got is amazingly soft so i can only imagine ^.^

If you're a spinner you'd be crazy not to click the link and go check out her shop. it's not just her colors that are amazing, it's her attention to detail. i don't know about you, but i'm a sucker for awesome packaging and this package i got from her did not dissapoint.

everything was wrapped up tight in bubble wrap and individually wrapped in tissue paper or in the case of the cotton a celophane bag, all labelled with her adorable little stickers ^.^

and the tiny little orange package just so happened to be a gorgeous little 1/4 oz sample of pure Mulberry Silk...i could have just DIED

{100% Mulberry Silk: Fishbowl}

this horrible blurry picture really doesn't do it justice, but you can still see how vibrant the colors are and the beautiful sheen it has.

I'd just like to thank Rachel for this lovely package, and also tell everyone that right now she's having a sale on batts to help her pay for a new drumcarder. so if you're wondering where to make your next fibre purchase, or fueling up for this years TDF go give some support to Girl Meets Spindle and help her get a drumcarder so she can make even more beautiful batts!

well folks, that's all for today. i don't even know if anyone will read this because all my followers have probably stopped following my blog after a year of absense. but if you're still out there and still following and reading thanks for doing so ^.^ i'm hoping to start blogging again regularly now that my life is getting back to normal so hopefully i'll be able to tempt you all into following again :)

Peace & Love



  1. This was such a revealing post from you, and struck me very much on an emotional level. I took a day or so to ponder it before writing you back. I recognize this situation and these feelings intimately and if you need anyone to talk to, let me know. I urge you... don't rush yourself to heal completely right away. I know I don't need to worry about you though, you sound like you're in a good place right now. (huge hugs)


  2. ps - I love all that roving, especially the Into the Sunset one and I htink you should spin it heathered style for me and I'll buy it from you. :P

  3. I can't wait till you start blogging again YAY.

    I too am 27 and just ended a big relationship in my life and feel a bit lost and confused by myself but ultimately I learned some important lessons and that is what is important :)

    I hope you are going well

  4. thanks to everyone who offered words of encouragement to me during this time of change. it's nice to know that other people out there are facing some of the same issues.

    i wish you all luck with all life's adventures!

    :: hugs and kisses ::